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The ability to deliver a software product that is on time and on budget, even when requirements and demands change along the way, is the number one reason to embrace Agile project management. Project managers can build their product, hitting all milestones, while remaining nimble to react to constant change. With Agile, complexity is reduced, successes are recognized quickly, quality is improved as issues are identified earlier, and feedback is welcome from users throughout the development lifecycle.

Moving to an Agile way of working requires a shift in mindset and practices on many levels. People need to communicate differently; collaboration between teams will change; and managers need to become Agile leaders. Our focus is on the business success of our customers. Our coaches can help you become Agile and can quickly recognize gaps in the system, communication failures and technologies that might be posing problems.  Team, program, and enterprise Agile adoption is instrumental to improving delivery performance. In order to get lasting and consistent benefits, any Agile implementation and coaching strategy should stretch across the organization to develop a culture of sustainable quality and continuous improvement.. Our Agile Coaching and Mentoring service is designed to increase organization agility and accelerate enterprise Agile adoption.

Talent Management Plus, Inc. employs a base of Agile Consultants in the Chicago land area and Midwest. Our Consultants are all SCRUM Certified, Agile Certified Practitioners, and / or SAFE certified. Our consultant base encompasses deep skills in assessing, training, coaching, adopting and embedding Agile methodologies that our clients seek. They have a keen understanding of changing business climates across a variety of industries including Financial Services, Healthcare, Higher Education, Publishing, and Manufacturing.

Based on our knowledge of client needs and the skills they typically require, we identify and deliver the finest candidates available through a comprehensive, five-step recruiting process;Planning, Sourcing, Qualification, Closing and On-Boarding.

  • We take time to understand your company, and its culture. This helps us assess your requirements, and develop a plan to get the right talent.
  • We have an extensive database of the top technical professionals, their job profiles, salary structure, where to find them and when they will be available. We understand their preferences, and what it takes to get them on-board.
  • We have a comprehensive network of IT professionals, and we use our referral-based sourcing to improve our selectivity, and effectiveness to choose the top talent for any given requirement.
  • We qualify resource candidates through careful analysis of their skills, their preferences and their work history to ensure you get a qualified candidate who meets your specified skill qualifications, culture and cost and is committed to your project.
  • We communicate with our candidates continuously throughout the staffing process which results in higher success in closing the selected candidate.
  • We customize our on-boarding process for each client’s unique needs so that resources show up on time, ready to go from day one.
  • We work in a wide variety of models. We work with most of the leading MSP organizations and VMS software systems. We work direct with clients who want both onsite and offshore IT talent.

We believe timely and effective communication with our clients and our professional consultants is a key component to achieving successful project completion through sustained consultant performance and retention until project completion and we are fully committed to being a valued partner to you for all of your staffing resources.

Agile Solutions

Talent Management plus can provide IT talent in the following areas:

Agile Project Managers

Agile Coaches

Assurance Services
Application Development
Application Management
Business Consulting Services
Business Transformation and Business Process Reengineering
Business Intelligence
Big Data
Cloud Computing
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – Oracle Siebel, SAP, Microsoft & Salesforce.com
Data Warehousing
Enterprise Management Systems
ERP Package Implementation – ORACLE & SAP
Enterprise Content Management (ECM) -EMC, MS SharePoint, Open Text and Autonomy-Interwoven
Enterprise Data Management & Reporting
Testing Services
Integration Services

Medical Writers
Microsoft Technologies – Dynamics, SharePoint and Azure
Mobility Solutions and Services
Project Management
Performance Management
Supply Chain Package Implementation
Service Oriented Architecture
Systems Integration